My Noosa, Australia balcony was a great place for watching the sunset. It was even better for watching the bats.

Miss Manners might not approve, but I loved it when these unannounced guests popped by my Noosa, Australia balcony. Let’s go say hello!

Geothermals, Māori culture, and the world-famous Pōhutu Geyser!

After spending a day touring the jaw-dropping Iguazú Falls from the Argentina side, I wanted to get a different perspective from Brazil.

Before I show you the sights of Iguazú Falls, here are the sounds I heard every morning from my hotel room on the edge of the Iryapú Jungle.

It’s the most touristy thing to do in Tokyo — but you can’t NOT do it. The famous Shibuya Crossing is just as much fun watching from the street as it is from high above. I’ll show you!