What happens when you return home after traveling the world for a year? That, in itself, is a new adventure!

As I head further north in Scotland, I’m going to be leaving something near and dear behind.

A dog, a stranger, and a conversation about adventure that I’ll remember for a long time.

I asked her: Do you believe in near death experiences? Yes, she answered, with absolutely no hesitation.

Sunny skies, cheap eats, and a photo opportunity everywhere you look. What’s not to like about my time in Budapest?

I absolutely loved my time in Prague. Here are some more things I want to mention before moving on to my next adventure!

Visiting Prague is like falling onto a soft pillow. This is my second trip in two years, and I feel so at home and relaxed in this beautiful place. It’s like one long, deep, contented sigh.

Germany’s capital city is a big gulp of things to see and do. Turns out, it’s also a great place to do laundry!

Seeing the wall in person was incredible. Learning more about its fascinating history was even better.

While Berlin offers world-class museums, restaurants and shopping, it’s the history I was really eager to explore.