Neeps! Tatties! Whisky! Which Scottish food/drink would I choose to buy again?

Walks along the coast, friendly locals, and my first taste of rarebit and lava bread!

Gaudí! Picasso! Tapas! Why didn’t I budget more time here? Plus, a chance meeting with fellow RTW travelers.

Because there was so much to see, I didn’t always have the time to share much more than photos. So, here’s a final mish-mash of experiences and observations.

While in Hong Kong, I hit what would be considered the city’s must-see sights and sampled some of the popular local eats.

So much to see in beautiful Kyoto! Here are several photos from my first day out-n-about.

The weather here has been just like I like it … chilly and sunny. It’s made for some great days out-n-about in Tokyo, and a great night of Sumo Wrestling!

Everyone says that Tokyo is an expensive city, but I can tell you that eating well here can be cheap, cheap, cheap! Especially if you’re a noodle lover.