What’s a great way to cap off a visit to Katoomba? How about with a stroll down the city’s Street Art Walk?

I go off the beaten path to see the non-touristy things the locals love.

A new experience in a beautiful old home in Galway. It’s my first shower that won’t work until you press the power button.

Another day, another coach tour through Ireland! This time, I took the Cliffs of Moher & Burren Tour, which included a moment of zen with a herd of sheep.

No journey to Ireland’s County Kerry would be complete without a trip to the Dingle Peninsula. Check out my photos!

A visit to a famous jail and a stroll down an iconic street. There’s plenty to enjoy in Dublin. Just remember your brolly.

I absolutely loved my time in Prague. Here are some more things I want to mention before moving on to my next adventure!

When people in Prague — an absolutely gorgeous city — tell you that Český Krumlov is the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen, you pay attention, and then you book the next bus to get there.

Gaudí! Picasso! Tapas! Why didn’t I budget more time here? Plus, a chance meeting with fellow RTW travelers.