For my final post from the UK, I’ve saved the best for last.

Neeps! Tatties! Whisky! Which Scottish food/drink would I choose to buy again?

There’s lots to do here. Just be sure to set aside enough time to enjoy a proper curry.

A quick recap of my time in two Scottish towns.

Recently, I was walking through Edinburgh when this happened.

This huge Scottish island brings a lot to the tourist table, including Faerie mounds and a herd of naughty cows.

An Airbnb host suggested a side trip to this fishing town in the Scottish Highlands. What a great day by — and on — the sea!

A steam train choo-chooing over a famous viaduct. I’m riding the Scottish rails, Harry Potter style!

A spectacular train ride, my first “peaty” whisky and a visit to a sacred place.

My second coach tour of the Scottish Highlands makes a stop at the famous Loch Ness. Let’s go for a boat ride!