There’s just one place that could make me feel less wistful about leaving Australia, and that’s Tokyo, Japan. And the Tokyo, Japan hotel room.

Even on the way back to the rental car agency, I couldn’t resist the urge to squeeze in a few more photos!

On the way back to Apollo Bay, a last look at all the places I wish I could visit again and again.

Heading west of Warrnambool for the petrified forest … and an enchanted one!

Birds, bays, boogie boards … and snakes???

A soothing trip to the rainforest ends in terror!

From The 12 Apostles to The Grotto — and every beautiful thing in between.

I wanted a second helping of Australia’s Great Ocean Road. But for this trip, I took my own sweet time … and rented my own sweet ride!

My Noosa, Australia balcony was a great place for watching the sunset. It was even better for watching the bats.

Miss Manners might not approve, but I loved it when these unannounced guests popped by my Noosa, Australia balcony. Let’s go say hello!