While Warrnambool was a nice-enough city … to me, it didn’t hold a candle to Apollo Bay. In fact, of all the towns I saw along the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay had the most charm and offered the best visitor experience. It was small, but not too small. It was a tourism-heavy place that didn’t feel touristy. And it felt much more personable than Lorne, the bigger and swankier city to the east.

And so … Apollo Bay was where I wanted to spend the last night of my GOR adventure.

That also gave me one last chance to revisit all of my favorites as I drove B100 from Warrnambool to Apollo Bay.

By now, you might be tired of seeing the same places again and again in my photos — but I’m not! There were some sights I visited four separate times, and I still wish I could go back for more. Whenever I talked to the locals, I sounded like a broken record: You get to LIVE here!!!!!

They all admitted that they took the area for granted. Maybe it’s a blessing that I was able to experience the GOR sights as a visitor.

I never got tired of walking a path to such-and-such attraction, wondering what awaited me at the trail’s end. It was always, always better than anything I could’ve imagined.

Like this path to the Cape Bridgewater Petrified Forest. Hmmmmm … I wonder what’s ahead???


Wow!!! See what I mean?


NOTE: The woman in the above photo only appears to be jumping off the cliff. She was just posing for the camera. 😉

I didn’t revisit every attraction during my ride to Apollo Bay, and that gave me more time to “be” with my favorites. The Sherbrooke River Trail was as lovely as ever, and the sea was extra feisty — just like I like it!


The sun was in a better place for my (fourth!) visit to The 12 Apostles. So, of course, I couldn’t resist taking (and posting) several more photos.


When I got back to my Apollo Bay motel, there were still Galahs gathering across the road.


And Dooley’s Ice Cream was just as delicious as my previous three (gulp) visits.


A sudden rainstorm thwarted my plans for one last splash in Apollo Bay’s beach. But that’s another reason why I enjoyed Victoria, Australia so much. Similar to what I experienced in Wales and Ireland, I quite enjoyed the cooler temps and the crazy, moody weather. As long as I’m not driving in it!

Here are the rest of my photos from day six: