Technically, The Great Ocean Road ends at Warrnambool, but there were still plenty of things to see to the west of the city, and that was my focus for day five.

After getting breakfast in Port Fairy, I continued on Princes Highway (A1) toward Portland and Cape Nelson State Park.

But, first, I made a brief stop at The Crags.


When I arrived in Portland, the nice lady in the Tourist Information Office gave me a route to follow that started with a hike in Cape Nelson’s Enchanted Forest.


And continued with a drive to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse.

From there, I went to Bridgewater Bay.


And Bridgewater Bay’s Petrified Forest.

And the Bridgewater Blowholes which, unfortunately, did not blow during my visit.


But there must have been some blowing going on to justify the area’s massive wind farm. These were just fraction of the turbines I saw between Cape Nelson and Bridgewater Bay.


After my time with the forest, and the blowholes and the turbines … and the incredible number of flies (!!!), I turned back for Warrnambool, making another brief stop in Port Fairy for coffee. There’s always time for coffee!

Here are the rest of my photos from day five: