After two days of heavy driving, it was time for a breather. I decided to stick close to Apollo Bay and revisit another sight along the Great Ocean Road: Maits Rest.

The beauty of the GOR is that, in addition to stunning seaside views, it also offers up some inland goodies. Maits Rest Rainforest Walk is 20 minutes west of Apollo Bay on B100. The trail itself isn’t very long, but I found lots of reasons to meander for more than an hour. I visited in the morning, just after it had rained, and the forest was glistening and peaceful. Ahhhhhh … so relaxing!

After Maits Rest, I left the GOR for another road that veered north toward Triplet Falls and The Beech Forest. However, as I neared both, I realized that they could only be accessed from the main road via an unsealed one, which was a no-no in a rental car. So, I decided to head “home” to Apollo Bay. But instead of backtracking, I took another road that led toward town: C159.

By that time, I was familiar with B100’s winding route and comfortable managing its twists and turns. But C159 wasn’t just winding and twisty — it was INSANE! Tucked beneath a dense canopy of trees, this one-and-a-half lane road had me white-knuckling the steering wheel the entire way. I wish I’d had a dash camera to capture the experience. The best I can offer is this aerial map, courtesy of the folks at Google Earth:


There were so many blind curves, and the only way out of C159 was through. There was no place to pull over or turn around, and the road was just wide enough for two cars to squeeze past each other.

It was terrifying.

And fun!

There was another rental car a short distance behind me, and I think they were grateful that I was going first. When it was all over, and we’d finally reached a wider, less terror-inducing road, I wanted to pull over and ask them for a hug!

I never went on C159 again. One time was plenty. Besides, the next day I left Apollo Bay for a new GOR base in Warrnambool. There’s much more to come!

In the meantime, here are the rest of my photos from Maits Rest: