November 16, 2016

Holy Mega-bats!

My Noosa, Australia balcony was a great place for watching the sunset. It was even better for watching the bats.

And not just any bats. Australia’s are among the biggest in the world. So big, they’re called Megabats. They’re also known as Fruit Bats and Flying Foxes, and their wingspans average 3.3 feet. That’s pretty mega!

One night, I noticed some bats flying past my hotel room balcony, but I couldn’t get to my camera quickly enough for photos.

The next night, though, I was ready.

Here they come! See them in the distance?

Here’s a bat that flew past my balcony. Be sure to watch until the end for a look at its “finger” bones and scalloped wings.

Mega cool!!!