November 15, 2016

Surprise guests!

Miss Manners might not approve, but I loved it when these unannounced guests popped by my Noosa, Australia balcony.

Let’s go say hello!

I’m no ornithologist, but I am a decent Google-ologist, and it looks like these are Rainbow Lorikeets. Is that correct?

One thing’s for sure … they were very friendly lorikeets, so much so that I assumed they were someone’s pets. One hopped onto my shoulder and crawled across my back. He kept craning his neck to peer into my eyes.

Feeling like we were pals, I offered him my finger as a perch. Which he bit.

Oops! The next time I host lorikeets, I’ll know better!

Later, the property manager confirmed that the lorikeets were wild and very plentiful in the area. The next day, I saw several more on the balcony below, munching on an apple. Much tastier than a finger!


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  1. […] as crows would be in the United States. There were Rainbow Lorikeets, similar to the ones that visited me in Noosa. There were also Galahs, like these that I saw in Apollo […]

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