October 13, 2016

Well, hello there!

Part of my private tour with Michael of Great Ocean Road Auto Tours included a warm, fuzzy moment … with koalas!

I didn’t know I’d get so excited about seeing a koala in the wild. I’d actually assumed they could only be found in zoos or sanctuaries.

But to see a koala in Australia’s Otway region, all you have to do is look up.

There’s one! See him?


Here’s a closer look:


Location-wise, I don’t remember where we were when we saw the koalas. I just know that, at one point, Michael told me to start looking out the window as we tried to spot them in the trees. Here’s a telltale sign that koalas are present … and getting the munchies.


I was impressed by Michael’s keen, koala-spotting eye. How in the world could he see them from the car? While we were standing beneath the trees, taking photos, he shared lots of other information about koala bears, but I was suffering from too much cute overload to pay attention.

I mean, look at this face!!!


If you pull off to the side of the road to see a koala, you’re also acting as a “scout” for other koala-seekers. Pretty soon, more motorists will join you and start taking photos. Just like me, the first word out of their mouths when they spot the koala in the tree is: “Helloooooooooooo!!!!!!”

Here’s the one pictured at top of this post, after he took a lazy look in our direction.


And then he went back to sleep. G’night little buddy!