What’s a great way to cap off a visit to Katoomba? How about with a stroll down the city’s Street Art walk?

I was already pretty content with my hike in Blue Mountains National Park, my crocodile pizza and my budget-friendly accommodation at the Blue Mountains YHA. But then I hit a bonus round and just happened to stumble upon this side street of Katoomba buildings covered in murals.

Actually, I didn’t just happen to stumble. I literally stumbled … as I do … when I was walking into town and tripped in front of the Street Art walk’s entrance.

Then I literally stopped traffic … as I do … because I was staring at the art and didn’t realize there was a car waiting for me to get out of the way. Yikes!

Here’s a bit more about the Street Art initiative from their website:

The Street Art walk is a dynamic, community-driven cultural treasure of the Blue Mountains, created by Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) in partnership with the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, University of Western Sydney and relevant stakeholders in the Beverly Place precinct. The Street Art Walk displays world standard street art from all aerosol disciplines. International, national and local artists of varying experience paint large-scale artworks in this precinct through a curated process of proposal and selection. Stylistically the murals cover all street art artistic disciplines and are temporary by nature.

And here are some more photos from my Street Art stroll: