September 6, 2016

Punakaiki’s Truman Track

Punakaiki offers a lot more to see/do than just its Pancake Rock Park. You can visit caves, rent a canoe, go horseback riding or hike a huge variety of trails. But you absolutely cannot miss walking the Truman Track.

Getting to the track is easy. There’s only one road running through town, and that’s the one you take. The entrance to the trail is next to that main road, about 3km north from Punakaiki’s I-Site. I made the journey on foot, and it was a beautiful walk!

The Truman Track itself is quite short — just 15 minutes each way. The trail begins with a path through the woods, and that alone was worth the visit. Everything was so green and glistening it looked like … an Elven Forest!


But pretty soon, that serene walk through the woods took a very dramatic turn.

Whenever I know I’m visiting someplace special, I try not to look at photos in advance. I like to be surprised. But I don’t think any photos could’ve prepared me for the Truman Track’s big finish.

Once you clear the woods, this is the first thing you see:

If you continue on the path heading downward, it only gets better!

It was incredibly windy when I was there, and the tide was rising quickly. The energy of the water — and the sound — was so exhilarating!!!

When I made my way back up to higher ground, I sat for a while on this bench for a bit of contemplative staring at the sea.


But then it started to drizzle and get even windier … and the only thing I was contemplating was how quickly I could walk back to my motel!

Here are the rest of my photos from the Truman Track: