“Poor Niagara”

Supposedly, that’s what Eleanor Roosevelt said when she first saw South America’s Iguazú Falls. And, while I’ve never seen Niagara Falls myself, it would have to be pretty incredible to top Iguazú (pronounced: eee wah SOO).

If you really want to “do” Iguazú Falls right, you need to visit from both the Argentina and Brazil sides. Normally, crossing the border into Brazil requires a pre-arranged visa, which is a bit pricey. However, because of the Olympics, the visa requirements for U.S. citizens have been waived for a short while. Hooray!

Figuring out the best way to tour the falls can be a little tricky, so I’m going to outline my experience in detail in a later post. For now, though, I wanted to share my photos and a short video, starting with the Argentina side. Most of the falls (more than 200!) are on this side, and it takes a full day to really see everything. But it’s totally worth it. See for yourself …

As you can see, I got a little carried away taking photos. But it was hard not to. Everywhere you look, there’s something stunning to see.

There’s also so much to hear. This short video hopefully captures the sights and sounds of the jaw-dropping Bosetti Waterfall.

Next stop: the Brazil side!

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