If you’re traveling between Edinburgh and Inverness in Scotland, there are two towns worth a visit or overnight stay: Pitlochry and Stirling.

I was in Pitlochry for three nights, and it rained most of that time. But the showers didn’t interfere with my first (and last — yuk!) breakfast of kippers, a kind of smoked herring. My kippers, pictured below, were also grilled and much larger than I had anticipated. I guess I assumed they’d be more sardine-sized. That’s black pudding on the lower right (blood sausage), which I actually enjoy in small doses.


Pitlochry offers lots local walks, including a path to the town’s dam and fish ladder. The skies cleared just long enough one day for me to visit:

During my walk, a local woman pointed me toward a “wee white shack” near the dam that offered views of fish going through the ladder. Indeed … the shack was very wee, and I would’ve missed it without her kind intervention. She said that you could visit for weeks and not see any fish.

But lookee here!!!


Why, hello there! These two salmon were taking a much-needed breather before progressing to the next stage of their journey.

Good luck fish! I hope nothing eats you!

(Whispers: Something’s probably going to eat you)

The city of Stirling is much larger than Pitlochry and much, much more happenin’. Some people describe it as a mini Edinburgh, and I would agree. The thing I wanted to see most in Stirling was the William Wallace Monument

And the famous Stirling Bridge. Here’s a recap of its history:


And here’s the bridge:

I enjoyed my time in both Pitlochry (which also has two whisky distilleries) and Stirling, which also has a fantastic castle:

Plus some great medieval architecture and this beautiful cemetery offering a view of the castle in the distance:

And that’s my short-n-sweet recap of Pitlochry and Stirling. Both are worth a visit if you’re in the area.

More highlights to come from Scotland!