June 27, 2016

My royal encounter

Recently, I saw the backs of two famous people’s heads!

I had just gotten my first proper haircut in six months, and I was walking back to my Airbnb in Edinburgh’s New Town. As I was crossing the street, I noticed a huge crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk. Was there a protest? A giant-sized tour group?

I asked one of the people in the crowd, and she said that they were waiting for Prince Charles.

I had nothing urgent to do, so I thought: Hey, I’ll wait too!

I proceeded to join the growing mass of gatherers standing at a respectful distance outside the Waldorf Astoria. Every few minutes, passersby would approach me, asking what was happening. I would tell them that we were waiting for Prince Charles.

And we waited. And waited!

I had assumed he was inside the hotel and we were waiting for him to emerge. However, it turns out that the hotel staff, security, etc … were waiting for him to arrive.

Eventually, when I wasn’t paying much attention, a car pulled up and out popped Charles and Camilla. I scrambled to snap a few photos (of the backs of their heads) before they were whisked inside the hotel.

My brush with (the backs of) the Prince and Duchess was fleeting, but I think the best part was waiting with anticipation alongside everyone else. Plus, the fact that I just happened upon the scene with no prior knowledge.

And, of course, being able to say later: Guess who I saw today?