I can’t think of a more unique accommodation experience in London than staying in the Airbnb apartment that’s located in the clock tower of St. Pancras station.

Here’s the view looking down from the tower at night:


St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations are next door neighbors in a part of London that, not too long ago, didn’t have the best reputation. In recent years though, it’s really blossomed in the wake of St. Pancras’ 2007 change to the city’s international, Eurostar station. It also doesn’t hurt that King’s Cross is home to Harry Potter’s famous platform #9¾ … or that it’s probably the most convenient hub for getting anywhere in London via public transport.

I also love St. Pancras’ red brick exterior and this beautiful statue next to the Eurostar tracks. It’s called The Meeting Place by Paul Day.


As for the Airbnb property, hosts Peter and Tim live in the three-level apartment and rent out two bedrooms they call the Master Suite and Guest Suite. I booked well in advance and was able to get three nights in the Master Suite. It was a bit of a budget buster, but such a cool experience. I couldn’t resist!

My room (which is actually Peter and Tim’s bedroom when it’s not rented) was huge, with the toilet/tub/shower in a loft space above the bed. Being able to see London through those two-story windows was incredible. Waking up every morning as the sunlight poured into the room was even better!

The actual “clock tower” room is located one floor above the suites. Just like the bedrooms, the tower room can also be rented. While I was there, it was used for a video shoot, a corporate dinner party, and a piano recital. The night before I arrived, the entire apartment was rented by a wedding party. The popularity of the tower room means that it’s more of a novelty for an Airbnb guest vs. a space that can actually be utilized and enjoyed. But it was still cool. One morning when it wasn’t in use, I snapped a few photos:

Tim and Peter have also outfitted the room with a huge projection screen, custom bookshelves (for their massive collection), a grand piano and other nifty features. If you want to see more photos of the property, learn about its rich history, or book the place for yourself, you can visit Peter and Tim’s clock tower website.

Staying in London is expensive. Booking the Master Suite didn’t cost much more than a nothing-special hotel room … and it was such a cool experience! I’m glad I decided to splurge, and three nights was plenty. I’m now in a cheaper Airbnb in another part of town that I prefer. It’s a place I have all to myself, and it actually serves my travel needs a lot better.

But I sure do miss that clock tower view!