Sometimes everything just falls into place perfectly.

My experience in Mumbles ticked all of my important traveling boxes: location, local vibe, accommodation and hosts.

The location was beautiful, with lovely coastal walks and easy access to the Gower Peninsula. The local vibe was the best yet. People were so friendly and kind. They were quick to chat with each other … and with me! My accommodation was ideally located and so beautiful and cozy. And my hosts were incredible. Giles and David, if you’re reading this, thank you so much again for everything. I miss you guys!

One day, when I was feeling under the weather (from too much Joe’s???) and hadn’t eaten all day, they surprised me with a big package of a traditional local food: Welsh cakes!


When it was time to leave, they also gave me the “lovespoon” that’s pictured at the top of this post. These spoons are a traditional, local craft, and I love mine. It’s even travel-sized!

It wasn’t until I hit Ireland that I started booking accommodations in either bed and breakfasts, or in other people’s homes (Airbnb has a “private room” option). I have loved meeting so many new, interesting and kind people. All of my experiences have been fantastic, particularly my time in Mumbles.

The word Cymru on the lovespoon means Wales in Welsh. It sums up my feelings perfectly. I love Wales!