I asked her: Do you believe in near death experiences? Yes, she answered, with absolutely no hesitation.

My landing in Dublin was bumpier than expected, but the people, pubs and (occasional) sunshine made up for it pretty quickly!

Sunny skies, cheap eats, and a photo opportunity everywhere you look. What’s not to like about my time in Budapest?

Between elegant, hilly Buda and flat, funky Pest … you get the best of both worlds and a fantastic travel bargain.

I absolutely loved my time in Prague. Here are some more things I want to mention before moving on to my next adventure!

The Charles Bridge is arguably the most iconic landmark in Prague. Usually it’s jam-packed with tourists. But, if you visit at sunrise, you can have it almost all to yourself.

When people in Prague — an absolutely gorgeous city — tell you that Český Krumlov is the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen, you pay attention, and then you book the next bus to get there.