As predicted, I’ve encountered another electric shower. This time, it’s at a bed and breakfast in Mumbles, Wales. And this one looks like it’s ready to party!

No offense to my first electric shower in Galway, Ireland — the functional, yet ho-hum, Triton T80xr. This latest model is stylish, psychedelic, and feels like we’re gonna rock down to electric (shower) avenue.

Yet, despite the razzle dazzle, the sausage is still made the same way behind the scenes: You can’t take an electric shower without first pressing the “power” button. In fact, this time, there’s also a wall switch that you have to flip in advance.


Just like the Triton model, this new one also has similar (yet sleeker!) dials to adjust water temperature and pressure. While no electric shower to date has packed a huge amount of pressure — I think that boosting lower pressure might be the reason for these kinds of showers in older homes — my funky Welsh version gets the job done just fine. Plus, it puts a smile on my face.

UPDATE: I should just stick to taking showers vs. speculating about them! As I’ve learned, the electric shower is what we would refer to as a tankless system in the United States, except these showers are like mini, individualized heating elements vs. a system that’s piped to an entire house. I feel like a goofball for not realizing that earlier … but it doesn’t make my Welsh shower any less cool. 🙂