My second coach tour in two days. This time, it was the Ring of Kerry, which is a scenic tourist route that winds through Ireland’s County Kerry. While the tour was lovely and enjoyable, I was really excited when we stopped by a popular site along the route called the “Ladies View” … and discovered that BBC’s Top Gear was shooting there. I’m a huge fan!!!

I guess I could’ve snuck a photo of co-host Matt LeBlanc, who was standing off to the side. He’s very “fit” as they like to say here and I’m sure very nice. But I was more interested in this cutie:


Another highlight of the day was a visit to a farm with a demo of dogs herding sheep. It was very cool. The farmer even said “that’ll do” to the dogs when their tasks were complete. Awwww … just like Babe!

Here are the rest of my Ring of Kerry photos:


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  1. […] on BBC America one night to see the episode of Top Gear that was recorded in Ireland. Remember when we stumbled upon the production while touring the The Ring of […]

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