Before I write anything else, I want to stress how much I’ve enjoyed spending time with the people of Ireland. Everyone’s kind, friendly and eager to engage. This is the first country I’ve visited (this year) where it’s possible for me to have so many conversations in English, and the Irish enthusiasm for making small talk has been wonderful. They’ve charmed me!

As for my photos below, they’re from my first-ever coach tour in Ireland. Usually, I’m more of a DIY traveler, and I don’t tend to gravitate toward group tours. But this tour charmed me too! Exploring Ireland is a challenge if you don’t want to drive … but I’m really, really trying to avoid renting a car. It’s expensive, and I’d have my hands full driving, while navigating, while thinking left left left the whole time. Turns out, it was actually pretty nice sitting in a coach with someone else doing the driving, providing context for what you’re seeing, and telling a few corny (yet, again, charming) jokes along the way.

This particular tour motored through the Dingle Peninsula. Luckily, we had great weather that lasted the entire journey. Here are some of my photos: