A rainy start to the day didn’t stop me from making the most of the last eight hours of my museum pass!

Florence is so compact, it’s easy to pack a lot of sightseeing into each day … and still make time for pizza!

Art! Gelato! So many steps! More art!

Some cities take a while to woo you, but I fell in love with Florence the moment I stepped out of the train station.

I’m not always a big fan of organized tours, but I went on a food tour in Paris that I highly recommend!

I’ve had a lot of fun buying popular skin care products in other countries. Here are some beauty finds that won’t break the bank.

After a very long flight that changed in Singapore, I said baai baai to Hong Kong and bonjour to Paris.

While in Hong Kong, I hit what would be considered the city’s must-see sights and sampled some of the popular local eats.