My days in Florence are coming to an end, but I just couldn’t say “no grazie” to taking the one-hour train journey to the Square of Miracles in Pisa.

When I left Rome and headed back north, I wanted to spend just a little more time in Florence and also explore places like Fiesole!

Just like my visit to Rome’s Colosseum, seeing Pompeii in person was both incredible and surreal.

The Pantheon, St. Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain … just a few of the places I’ve enjoyed so far in Rome.

My first stop in Rome was an easy choice, and I’ll never forget the moment I turned the corner and the Colosseum came into view.

In a previous post, I took the mystery out of my Japanese bathroom. Now it’s time to dive into the Italian bidet!

It’s easy to take day trips in Italy by bus or train, and Lucca was the first place I wanted to visit.