December 21, 2015

Inspiration appreciation

You can’t do what I’m doing without having some incredible people in your corner.

I will be forever grateful to family, friends and colleagues who encouraged me to pursue this dream. At first, I only told a few people what I was planning.  One was a former boss I emailed who immediately wrote back:  Do it do it do it!!! … then sent me the necklace pictured above. That gave me the courage to keep sharing my news and, the more people I told, the more support I received.

I also want to say a special “thank you” to my dear friends and former colleagues at the Houston Area Women’s Center, an agency that serves survivors of domestic and sexual violence. I’ve never worked with a smarter, kinder, and more dedicated group of people. They work tirelessly to empower the clients (women, children and men) that they serve. They also empower and support each other. I can tell you that, if I hadn’t spent time in that phenomenal place, I never would have had the idea, or the will, to pursue this endeavor. They have cheered me on, every step of the way.